“The Festé highlight was a surreal and hilarious tour of the city centre with Maison Foo”
— the Guardian (on Alien Tourists)

creative team....

Created by Maison Foo

Performed by Eva Casotto, Kathryn Hanke and Laura Tipper

Costume Design by Kate Unwin

Music composed by Matt Marks

Producer mentor Ayla Suveren

Costume design by Kate Unwin

available for BOOKINGS 2017 AND BEYOND

These are no ordinary birds and this is no ordinary bird show, these are The Person Birds.... 

PERSON BIRDS is a hilarious new street theatre piece by Maison Foo commissioned by Derby Festé.

Inspired by the traditions of bird display shows fused with the madness of live science experiments. This hilarious new street theatre walkabout sees Maison Foo raise their bar of ridiculousness even higher with surreal and comical life size birds with a Foo twist, they are half bird, half human! Renowned for their mischievous nature, curious hobbies, silly walks and their ability to run a mock of ‘The Professor” their scientific trainer.

Sitting somewhere between walkabout and static the piece roams around, finding it’s audience and then settles to present static moments for that group whether it be an audience of 1 or 151! Drawing on Maison Foo’s passion for clowning, physical theatre and visual surreality, this piece is very funny, very silly and very accessible to families of all ages and backgrounds.

key information

  • Number on the Road 4 (3 x Performers, 1 Technician)
  • Performance space: Walkabout finding small areas to perform to audiences. Suitable for all surfaces
  • Promoter requirements: min 1 hour break inbetween performances
  • Duration: 3 x 45 min performances throughout the day
  • Suitable for: Families, all ages