Let the rehearsals commence!!!

Here at Foo HQ we can't quite believe we start rehearsals for Pendulums Bargain Emporium this weekend! Kate and Beth are very excited to be reunited with the show's creative team Matt (Marks), Morgan (Brind), Tina (Bicat), Kate(Rigby) and Claire (Summerfield) and welcome Mick (Barnfather) and Oz (Anthony Osbourne) back to the fold.  We will also be welcoming some new faces and voices to the Foo fold as we have a 3 fabulous rehearsal bloggers on placement who will be blogging from here throughout the rehearsal process. So, we hope you can join us cyberly for this creative journey, in the meantime here's a few pics from the Research and Development process of the show from November to wet your appetite (Thanks to photographer Julian Hughes and Team Foo for the images)! For more info on Pendulums please click on touring theatre.